BUTTERFLAY: 1300 species
For the understood ones in the subject, to speak of butterflies is equivalent to speak of Peru. And it is that in the Peruvian territory is one of each five species of butterflies of the world, another world-wide record of biodiversity that constitutes one more a reason than sufficient to animate a trip by the Peruvian forests.


The butterflies constitute at the present time the group better known the terrestrial invertebrates. And much of it to the works of scientists in the remote forests of Peru. In recent years, the theories that maintain that the amazonian natural diversity increases in relation to its proximity with the $andes have been verified with forceful numbers in end.

Thus, for example, the extraordinary number of 1.300 species in the locality of Pakitza was registered, in the National Park of the Manu, to the Peruvian suroriente. And at only 235 km of distance, in a small shelter of the Tambopata river, the number arrived at 1.260 species.

The surprising thing of these findings is that only 60% of the registries were equal for both localities.

The investigators consider that the total diversity of butterflies of the country must exceed the 4.200 species, 3.700 of who have been registered. The magnitude of this number is clear when is compared it with the total of species that exist in Australia (396), Europe (441) or North America (679). The tropical forests are the atmospheres that, of distant spot, lodge to a the greater variety of butterflies. As much in the level high forest as in the amazonian one areas exist where the diversity is so that it could maintain occupied to a fan during whole weeks.

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